Recognizing Good Roof Installation

Recognizing Good Roof Installation

The decision to install a new roof is not one that homeowners ever take lightly. This is why you’ll probably want to know what to look for when examining a new roofing project.

Of course, the professional services provided by top roofing contractors in West Chester, PA, will assure you of quality work, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t understand the basics. 

Read on to learn what to expect from a complete roof replacement and empower yourself to be able to monitor things through the entire process.

Types of Roof

At the most basic level, there are three common styles of roofing that you may be familiar with. These include a flat roof, which has a low pitch and, as its name suggests, is almost entirely flat. Gable roofs are probably more familiar to you, with two sloping sides that form a ridge where they meet at the top. And thirdly, hip roofs, which have sides that all slope toward the walls from a peak at the top.

Examining a New Roof

Each roofing style comes with its own construction requirements, but some fundamental aspects are generally common for all. Even the best roofing materials are only as good as how well the roof is installed. Here are some areas to look out for when examining a roof replacement job.

Check Uniformity

This may seem simplistic, but a basic visual examination should be your starting point when checking the roof. Sagging rooflines would be an immediate red flag, but in addition to this, does the roof generally appear uniform? Are materials consistently applied? Does anything seem to be poorly attached, or are the finishings haphazard? Look out for mismatched shingles. The flaws that appear on initial examination may indicate other, more serious issues below the surface.

Examine Flashings

Flashing are the narrow galvanized steel sections used to redirect water from vulnerable areas toward the gutter system, for instance. These areas may include skylights, vents, or chimneys. Incorrectly installed flashing will lead to water leaks. These are not simply inconvenient ; if left, they may result in trapped moisture, which can damage ceilings, peel paint, and cause support structures to rot. Also, be sure to check that new materials have been used.

Check Shingles

A top-notch contractor will ensure that shingles are correctly nailed down, with the appropriate amount of overhang. Too much overhang can cause shingles to lift up and blow off in strong winds. Meanwhile, if there isn’t enough overhang, there may be water leaks, which can damage structures beneath. Here, again, a simple visual inspection will show if shingles are crooked, sliding, or lifting, which could be the first sign of a problem. In the case of flat roofs, where shingles wouldn’t be used, look out for poorly applied coatings, which may be lifting or badly affixed.

Correct Underlayment and Drip Edges

Underlayment is the waterproofing material used beneath the shingles, while a drip edge is the metal sheeting between the shingles and the underlayment. Both are important for keeping water out and minimizing damage from unwanted moisture. A good quality contractor will see to these details as part of the service of building a roof that is likely to remain structurally sound for as long as possible.

Find a Roofer Near You

If you’re thinking of replacing your roofing in West Chester, PA, it’s a good rule of thumb to find roofers located in your area. The roofing industry in Chester county has various roofing pros who will do a beautiful job for you. However, it’s not always a case of picking the first company that appears to give you a fair price.

Compare quotes, look out for verified reviews from other customers, and confirm that great communication is backed up by equally great service that ensures your roofing needs are met. Also, ask questions about credentials and whether or not the contractor has insurance, not only for damage that may happen to your own home but also for members of their company team.

Once your project is complete, you should feel confident that it will represent a home improvement that’s worth the investment. An extremely professional project manager will ensure that the team has done an excellent job of the roof installed. Competitive pricing should not come at the cost of a fantastic job.

West Chester Roofing Contractors

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