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Roof Maintenance

Your roof may very well be the most important aspect of your home to maintain, it is made up of multiple parts. If the support structure is not in good shape, it can’t support the weight of your chosen shingle or resist the force of strong winds and storms. Shingles today are more complex than they were 20 years ago, however with todays technology a roof can last from 30 to 50 years. It is important to get your roof inspected annually if it was installed more than 15 years ago. From the underlayment to the fascia, every one of these elements works collectively to protect your home from water damage. Preventive maintenance can save you thousands of dollars in the long run. There are many helpful DIY roof check videos available online, and many local roofing contractors offer free roof inspections yearly. After all this is your home, it is the single biggest buying decision in an average persons life. Keeping up with regular check ups can extend the life of your roof and ensure a maximum resale value. We hope this article was helpful, and as always feel free to contact the Dynamic Team with and questions or comments.