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attaching pergola to house with vinyl siding

Attaching Pergola to House with Vinyl Siding

For thousands of years, roofs have been an integral part of keeping us dry and protected from extreme temperatures and strong winds. However, these are not just the purposes of roofs. Most of the time, it’s roofs are there to give your roof a classy aesthetic that will draw the attention of your visitors and passers-by.

Additionally, there are some roofs that don’t have to be placed on a house and there are some that are used to protect gazebos, patios and an area of your backyard where you can chill out and relax. One of these kinds of roofs is the pergola which is getting more popular as the years go by. 

If you’re looking at the different exterior and interior design magazines, you’ll notice that pergolas are getting increasingly popular. In most suburban areas in the warmer parts of the United States, you’ll see pergolas in patios, backyards, and gazebos. 

But before we get into how we can attach a pergola to the top of your patio, we have to first look at the advantages that it can give and weigh-in on how these will affect the vinyl sidings of your roof. 

What is a Pergola?

Pergolas are roof structures that protrude out of your house and are supported and mounted into four sturdy beams that have a crossbeam. Most of the time, pergolas have a stylish lattice that’s installed across the main top. 

There are some pergolas that are enclosed that can protect you and your outdoor furniture from rain, but there are also pergolas that have a minimal structure were the roof is not enclosed and only the lattice remains on your roof. A common pergola is relatively large and spans a good amount of area. 

The main purpose of pergolas is to provide an area for individuals to interact in with protection from the elements without having to be necessarily ‘inside’ your home. In most cases, pergolas are used to entertain guests in a more public area and sometimes it’s also used for a more private way of relaxing. 


Joint Hangers for Concrete and Ledger Boards for Wood

It’s best to use joint hangers for concrete pergolas as it can withstand more weight and ledger boards are best used for wooden pergolas to give it a more rustic feel. 

Lean-to Styles Work on Foundation Homes

If your home does not have a traditional foundation, it’s best to have a pergola that’s independently being held by 4 supporting posts. 

Paint Your Pergola Prior To Building It

It’s important that you let the paint dry on your pergola first before installing it on your vinyl sidings since the paint might ruin the color and painting of your vinyl sidings if you paint it right after you assemble it. 

Attaching a Pergola

Measuring and Installing a Ledger Board

First thing’s first, we have to mark and measure where we will be placing our pergolas. Commonly, pergolas are placed on patios, near garages, and right outside your backyard. It’s best to use screws that are made of galvanized steel to anchor to your home. 

Anchoring the Posts

There’s going to be a bit of weight on any independent posts, so it’s recommended on using anchors that are sturdy and will last a long time. 

Installation of Main Beam Structures on the Main Anchored Points

The next step involves the installation of top beam structures that serve to connect the pair of free-standing posts. Another reason that this structure is set in place is to provide additional support for the roof rafters. 

Installation of the Rafter and Matching Rafter Clips

Finally, the rafter clips have to be mounted to the ledger board to provide support to the rafters. Then, the rest is smooth sailing by just putting on the rafters and finishing the project.

Installing Pergolas on Vinyl Sidings 

Vinyl sidings are one of the first lines of defense against the elements by being resistant to water, Attaching a pergola to your house that contains vinyl sidings can help extend the longevity of your vinyl sidings as it also serves as an overhang were water can redirect towards off of your sidings.

Most homeowners would install pergolas as an extension to their roof by installing on the eaves of the roof which can serve as a make-shift overhang or simply leaning on the vinyl sidings. 

Having a pergola on your patio or at the backyard can help keep your outdoor furniture dry while you enjoy having a good cup of coffee on a quiet afternoon or when you’re entertaining some guests by your patio.

If you’re attaching a pergola to your vinyl siding Wilmington DE, it’s best to plan things out with your local roofing contractor first. 

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