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How to Get Rid of Moss or Algae on Your Roof

The growth of moss or algae on a house's roof is a very common occurrence. It spares no Springfield roofing material behind, whether asphalt, concrete tile, or cedar shakes, for example. The roof will perish prematurely if it is neglected. Moss and algae thrive in areas with higher-than-average rainfall and humidity. A light breeze, for example, is all that is required to distribute lichen spores. These will soon grow and replicate into moss or algae and form clumps.

Nature has its own set of rules. Moss grows abundantly on the north side of the roof or in areas of the roof covered by overhanging branches in the northern hemisphere. Moss thrives in the shade because it blocks out the sun. The dew that falls in the morning or the odd shower anchors on the moss, resulting in reduced evaporation. This, in turn, sets off the multiplication game, which continues until the entire roof is gradually taken over and conquered. It is a slow but lethal procedure.

The common moss should not be overlooked. The shallow-rooted moss appears little, yet like a sponge on the bathroom shelf, it can absorb and store four times its weight in moisture. As a result, the roof becomes saturated with moisture, which grows heavier and heavier. It presses down on the sheathing and rafters with this weight. The activity of its roots hastens the shingles' demise.

How can this issue be addressed? Moss can be removed if the homeowner does not allow it to grow out of control. It does, however, necessitate the assistance of a professional Springfield roofer. This is the first and most crucial step. There are professional roof cleaning instruments available that address the issue at its root and gently remove the lumpy and heavy moss deposits without hurting the roof. It is a time-consuming, painful job, and each shingle requires unique attention. Approximately 80 to 90 percent of the moss is removed in this manner. If the remaining percentage proves to be too difficult, it must be cleaned with a roof cleaning mixture. The entire procedure will give the old roof a new look and fresh life, as it is the most important aspect of the house.

Now that the roof is in good form, the next concern is, how can future moss accumulation be avoided? Overhanging branches must be trimmed to allow for the free movement of sunlight and air. The sun will be a deterrent, and the wind will not allow moisture to rest on the roof, instead of acting as a sweeper, cleaning away the accumulated debris. The algae or moisture will be unable to cling to the surface.

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July 12, 2021
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