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A Simple Guide to Exterior Home Improvements

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Exterior home improvements deliver a greater aesthetic appeal, increase the durability of your home, and improve insulation. All while offering greater protection from the elements. When selecting a project, align your choice with your priorities and budget constraints. Essential repairs, such as roof repairs, should take precedence over cosmetic changes.

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Roof Improvements

Your home’s roof is one of the most overlooked elements of any property. It shouldn’t be. Your roof protects your home, shielding it from the elements and keeping your possessions and family safe.

Upgrading your roof brings a whole host of benefits:

  • Better energy efficiency through insulation.
  • Enhanced aesthetics and curb appeal.
  • Improved resistance to weather and water damage.

Roofing options range from budget-friendly asphalt shingles to luxurious and durable copper sheeting. If your current roof is in good shape, consider adding additional functionality, such as solar paneling.

Before undertaking any major roof project, we strongly recommend you get an estimate or quote from a professional roofing contractor. These experts will typically start with a roof inspection. Then, if required, they can deliver an estimate for roof installation services or repairs.

Exterior Painting and Siding

Giving the exterior of your property a fresh lick of paint or adding some new siding has an obvious aesthetic impact, but it goes further than that. It’s an opportunity to inspect it closely and see if any damage might need to be addressed.

If you’re installing new siding, you’ll see an improvement in energy efficiency. Especially if you’ve selected siding with enhanced insulation. You’ll also find that the interior of your home and the walls that make it will benefit from enhanced protection from adverse weather.

Windows and Doors

Replacing the windows and doors of your home greatly increases energy efficiency and improves the look of your home. Not to mention the added aesthetic of the new materials. Homeowners can choose from various options, from uPVC to solid wood. These often allow for a wide range of colors beyond the traditional white.

New windows create perfect seals and remove draughts, keeping the cold out and the warmth in. They’re a significant investment, but costs can be reduced through schemes such as the Energy Efficient Home Improvement Credit. It’s also worth factoring in the savings you might get on your energy bills.

Landscaping and Garden Design

Landscaping your yard can have a great aesthetic impact on your property. They don’t have to be high maintenance either. A well-kept lawn, a manicured path, and colorful plants are enough. The best yards will boost the curb appeal of a property that’s on the market. If you’re not planning on selling, they’re still beautiful places to relax and enjoy.

Gutters and Drainage Systems

It’s one of the least glamorous exterior home improvements you can do, but it’s a worthy one still. Without them, rainwater and debris would quickly collect and enter your home, causing damage.

A simple improvement is to ensure that they’re clean and clear. A larger scale improvement is to upgrade to a seamless system. These slick versions are more efficient, have a smaller chance of leaks, and look great.

Another option is to install gutter guards. These prevent debris from clogging the gutters and reduce the need for future maintenance.

Lighting and Security

Exterior lighting doesn’t just have to be functional. You can use it to highlight your home’s features, such as the front door or architectural details. Plus, it has the added benefit of deterring intruders.

Adding a home security system goes a step further. Exterior cameras and sensors give you added peace of mind. Creating a secure environment for your family and contributing to a safer community.

Energy-Efficient Features

Many homeowners are taking their energy use into their own hands by reducing reliance on the electricity grid. Installing solar panels on the roof is a great option for those who live in the right climate. Before booking an installation, ask a professional to check that your roof is orientated in the correct direction for maximum effect. Other options, such as a ground or air source heat pump, offer energy-efficient ways to warm your home.

For a more budget-friendly option, add solar reflective coatings to your windows and skylights. These add privacy and reflect large amounts of solar energy away from the home, keeping it cool in the summer. If you’d like to keep your windows clear, solar shades are also incredibly effective at controlling indoor temperature and shielding you from potentially harmful UV rays.

Driveway and Pathway Improvements

An aging driveway can detract from the appeal of a home, plus there’s the potential that it could damage your vehicle. When installing a new driveway, it’s worth considering expansion for further vehicles, especially if you only have space for one.

Some homeowners are investing in heated driveways. These feel decadent but are a great investment if you live in a location with harsh winters. You’ll save yourself hours shoveling snow and protect your family from walking on icy surfaces.

Fencing and Privacy Structures

These elements add security, define the boundary of your property, and keep your space private. The best options will complement your architectural style, seamlessly blending the building and yard.

There are many options to choose from:

  • Traditional wooden fencing gives a classic look and can be stained or painted in almost any color.
  • Modern vinyl materials allow for minimal maintenance and have great durability.
  • Natural or living fences can be created from certain plants. They’re less secure but offer a stunning, environmentally-friendly look.

You could also add trellises or privacy screens to create a shielded space outside your home’s walls.

Tips for Exterior Home Improvements

When you invest in exterior home improvements, you’re protecting and enhancing what will likely be one of your biggest investments and assets.

  • Before you undertake any improvements, speak with a professional exterior renovation contractor.
  • Some improvements are simpler to undertake than others. Consider doing some yourself.
  • Always check for local rules and regulations before changing the exterior of your home.

When selecting a contractor, you want to ensure they offer quality, expert improvement services. That’s what you’ll get with the Dynamic Remodel & Repair team. Get in touch today, and we’ll offer you a free estimate for your project.

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