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Flat Roof To Pitched Roof Transition

Let’s face it: not everything that looks physically beautiful is perfect and that may include flat roofs. It is more prone to leaks, water damage and formation of mold compared to the standard pitched roof which means additional burden of coating and seals maintenance.

A flat roof is usually the epitome of modern homes – stylish, sleek and minimal. There’s just one factor that does not seem to be compatible with it: gravity. Its structural member sags over time and dents acquired over time may lead to ponding which is detrimental to its durability.

While we cannot expect perfection in everything, some issues are not worth overlooking either. The expensive lifestyle that flat roofs have to keep up means hundreds of dollars pilling up as its constant replacement tends to let homeowners take a second look at their roofs before switching back to the pitched roof.

Fortunately, a lot of things can happen in the wonderful world of constructing and renovating one’s home and an endless option seems to be available in the market that is sure to suit a customer’s taste and style.  We’ve done the leg work and here’s what to consider when doing the next big move:

Replacement Cost

The conversion process is inevitably going to change the existing structure. Think of this as a human body and the roof acting like the spine that holds everything together. The complex list of things to be done along with its materials may skyrocket a cost of up to $30, 0000. Therefore, it is highly suggested to investigate what the best roofing system should be and whether or not it is worth the investment.

In essence, an entire roof does not need to be changed and there are affordable choices available if only one or two concerns need to be addressed that an experienced roofing contractor can easily tend to.

Design Change

The replacement process can make or break how you want your home to be and there are usually two ways to go about this. The first option is simply installing a pitches roof over the flat one or to extend one’s home by building a new floor where the pitched roof can sit above it.

Removing the old roof may be costly but it can also open doors to new spaces such as a cathedral ceiling or an attic where one can store seasonal items without any worries. Though it is often deemed optional, some roofs have to be extracted for safety measures because the walls present might not be strong enough to support two roofs at the same time that can cause the entire thing to collapse.

Moreover, this offers easier insulation and ventilation which cools down one’s home faster than a flat roof and that also means cutting on your electricity bills as well. The comfort it brings is enough to make one highly reconsider a change in their home.

However one intends to go about it, the change is definitely going to affect the structure of one’s nesting place. The pre-existing condition of the house severely limits the next steps to take in renovating the place as not all options may be appropriate. Just be sure to consult with your architect and other professionals before leaping on to impulsive decisions.  

Additional Costs

It is undeniable that the easiest route is to provide two additional angled planes on top of the existing flat roof. However, there is nothing wrong with considering an extra layer of protection such as valleys and gables and that means added costs. Though it is indeed costly, the investment it is sure to reap its rewards long-term as this means less maintenance and changes in the future.

Aside from the exterior change of rising the height of the roof, a lot can change can happen inside one’s home as systems inevitably intertwine. This means that longer water pipes and upgrading the heating systems may be necessary to co-exist in the new set-up of your home.

Pitched roofs have continued to prove its longevity from time immemorial as we continue to envision our homes with it due to its efficacy and the way it dances well with gravity. Though this is not a one-time change, it is definitely better to save one’s self with the constant hassle of repairing one’s roof.

There is no home that cannot be improved by licensed professionals equipped with exquisite workmanship with the use of high-quality materials in the market today.

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