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We install a wide-range of roofing brands, styles and colors, ensuring you get the best roof for your home. Our new roof installation and replacement services come with a 25-year warranty and a satisfaction guarantee.

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At Dynamic Remodel & Repair, our primary goals are customer care, fostering strong relationships, and delivering exceptional service. In a industry where many roofers prioritize profit over customer service and quality, we stand out. While most companies can install a new roof, they cannot come close to our level of roofing expertise, and attention to detail.


Our crews provide flawless installations every time, guaranteed.



We strive for 200% satisfaction on every project we do.



You can expect affordable and competitive pricing on all new roofs.



25-year manufacturer backed roof warranty on workmanship.

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Step 1

We Assess Your Roof

We’ll come to your home and perform a complimentary assessment of your roof.

Dynamic Remodel & Repair

Step 2

Propose the Right Solution

We'll assess what you want and what your roof needs, and present you with a comprehensive proposal.

Dynamic Remodel & Repair

Step 3

Your Roof Project Begins

We handle all required permits and assign a dedicated project manager to assist you throughout the entire process.

Dynamic Remodel & Repair

Step 4

Your New Roof is Complete

Our quality control team will perform a final inspection of the project and address any remaining tasks. Upon your approval, we will provide you with the final documentation and warranty.

Got New Roof Questions?

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Determining if you need a new roof installed involves assessing various factors related to the condition of your existing roof. These factors include the age of the roof, missing or damaged shingles, leaks or water damage, visible signs of wear and tear, and sagging or uneven roof surfaces. 

We install asphalt shingle and EPDM roofs. We offer a wide-range of roofing products and can guide you in designing a roof that will look great and last a long time.

Typically, new roofs are completed within one day, while sometimes certain jobs take a few days. After you hire us to replace your roof we will schedule a project start date and give you a full timeline so you know exactly what to expect.

Yes, we can provide references for other roof installations we have completed. You can also read our reviews on our website and see how well our services are rated. Head over to our past projects page to see some of our new roof installation jobs.

We offer a 25-year manufacturer backed roof warranty on workmanship and a comprehensive material warranty that covers all costs associated with any roofing product defects.

Understanding Your Roofing System

From the roof deck to the underlayment, flashing and shingles we know how to install the best roofing systems. Our expertise is essential to ensure your roof functions properly and lasts a long time.



Efficient attic ventilation is crucial in preventing the buildup of heat, humidity, and ice dams.


Shingles offer durability, stunning aesthetics, and superior protection against the elements.



Water-resistant / waterproof layer installed on top of the roof deck, beneath the visible roof.

New Roof System

Starter Shingles

Starter shingles offer durability, stunning aesthetics, and superior protection.


Hip & Ridge

Hip and ridge products provide a seamless transition for a flawless roofline.


Timely Installation

New roofs are completed within one day, while sometimes certain jobs take a few days extra.

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