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Assess the condition of your roof with our expert roof inspection service. Our team will conduct a thorough inspection of your roof, checking for any signs of damage, wear, or potential issues.

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What Is a Roof Inspection and the process?

What Is a Roof Inspection?

A roof inspection is a comprehensive examination of the condition, integrity, and overall health of your roof system.

After our roof inspector completes your inspection we will provide you with a detailed report that outlines the condition of your roof, and what minor or major issues need to be addressed.

What Will You Inspect On My Roof?

Here is a general overview of our roof inspection services.

Roof Repair

Visual Roof Inspection

This includes a visual inspection of your roof materials, checking for signs of damage, wear, or improper installation.

Structural Assessment

Structural Assessment

Checking for any areas of sagging or signs of stress that could indicate problems.


Flashing Inspection

Flashing on the roof, such as chimneys, vents, and skylights, is inspected for integrity.


Gutters and Downspouts

Gutters and downspouts are inspected for proper installation, and any signs of clogging or improper drainage.


Attic Inspection (if applicable)

In some cases,we may access the attic to check for proper insulation, ventilation, and signs of leaks or water damage.

Leak Detection

Leak Detection

Any signs of leaks, water stains, or moisture-related issues are examined.



The inspector checks the attic ventilation to ensure it meets the required standards.


Chimney Inspection (if applicable)

The chimney is inspected to ensure it's in good condition and effectively sealed.

How Do You Perform a Roof Inspection?

We use a combination of onsite inspection tools and modern technology.

Visual inspection

Visual Inspection

Visual roof inspections are recommended as a routine maintenance to discover visible issues early and prevent more extensive damage to your roof. If any concerns are identified during a visual inspection, further assessments or repairs may be recommended.

Visual roof inspections are a good place to start, but they may not uncover hidden or internal problems.
Infrared scanners

Infrared Scanners

Infrared scanning goes beyond the surface of the roof, detecting temperature variations within materials, often caused by trapped moisture.

Infrared scanning is common for commercial roofs, particularly those with low-slope designs, but in some cases we do use this technology for residential roof inspections.
Aerial drones

Aerial Drones

Utilizing drones equipped with cameras mitigates the risks associated with steep slopes or unstable roof surfaces. Drones are great for inspecting beneath overhangs and above steep dormers, ensuring a thorough inspection without compromising safety.
Satellite imagery

Satellite Imagery

Satellite technology aids with the calculation of your roof size and slope. Additionally, satellites can be used to identify potential issues like missing shingles or damaged roofs by providing a comprehensive view of the roof.
Roof Damage
Roof Gable

What We Look for When Inspecting Your Roof!

Our roof inspection process is meticulous and comprehensive. We go beyond the surface by assessing both the exterior and interior elements of your roof system. Our focus extends to the gutter system, which is crucial for efficient rainwater shedding and preventing water damage or ice dams. The inspector evaluates the overall health of your roof, and checks flashing, ventilation,  skylights and much more.

Is your roof over 15 years old?

The 15-year milestone for an asphalt shingle roof signifies a shift in insurance assessments, where damages are often evaluated based on actual cash value rather than replacement cost. 

Roof System Integrity

We are look for problems related to these specific parts of your roof system:

  • Shingles: Curled edges, cracks, loss of granules, excess moss, missing or loose shingles
  • Flashing: Dents, torn or missing pieces, corrosion, loss of sealant
  • Gutters: Unattached, clogged
  • Chimneys: Cracked caulking, mortar, or brick, missing chimney cricket
  • Vents: Improper seals or placement
  • Skylights: Missing caulking or sealant, signs of leakage
  • Underlayment: Lack of ice and water barrier in areas where ice dams may occur
  • Insulation: Wet, displaced, or lack of sufficient depth
Roof Inspection Report

What Will The Final Roof Inspection Report Include?

Our final roof inspection report covers all applicable information about the condition of your roof. This includes materials, potential damage, and any necessary repairs needed.

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